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February 3, 2005

Better be quick...

... or I'll miss a day and I've got a full day so far!

Today's been a bit of a waste of time really. Demoed my first Java lab today. Went without a hitch... that's a slight lie, none of the computers worked... but still, didn't take long to make the work again. Everyone found the first lab really really easy which is cool, meant I didn't have to do much work!

Went to a seminar where a guy who was presenting got sort of slated. It was quite funny. One of his best gaffs was to have a slide where nobody could read the headings of a table... it looked a bit like this...

Optical Contrast

The irony was one of the headings in question :-) Select the above 'blue' block to find out. It did sort of make me not want to do one of these talks to be honest. Mainly because I'll also get slated and be in too deep!

That's about it. Today has been pretty uneventful. Maybe due to me being in bed for a lot of it with the mother of all hangovers!

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