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February 1, 2005

First of the month and all that jazz...

Just thought I'd say hello so that there's at least something on my calendar for this month.

Had my haircut yesterday - yeah, pointless putting it on the blog really, however it does mean that I can look back when I next have it cut and see how long it was between cuts! Last time being the 18th October, ages ago!

Today at work has been ok. Went to another lecture (were they really all that boring!?) and then proceeded to do the lab (and tick myself off for doing it). It took a whole 5 minutes or something - which is good because it means the lovely little people shouldn't have a problem with it...

Then the magical worth more than it's weight in gold multiplied by about a million pound camera decided to just stop working. Arse. Used the magical HgAr lamp to make loads and loads of ozone... (as a side effect)... this soon got a end to it when I pointed out the 'this lamp emits dangerous levels of UV light, wear adequate eye protection'. Whoopsage!

Left early to go swimming with John and Chris and then went shopping. How exciting? Erm... no.

Got to work out what the hell to do to work at tomorrow now! Maybe I need a tutorial to put me back on track or something!

..and just uncase you're wondering... the top thing searched for that people came to my site with last month was... "numa numa lyrics". The crimson room post has been defeated!

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