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October 18, 2004

Posting now... before the day gets any worse!

Today's been a bit crap really.

When I arrived at work I was informed (by the worker dude in the lift) that some person had done something on Saturday night that I had drempt about doing on Saturday night. This sort of freaked me out totally and has left me feeling well zonked all day.

This lunchtime I thought I'd take my mind off it all and have my haircut, seeing as it was becoming quite quite crazy - the curls have gone! Woo woo! Didn't think I was going to make it as I was in a bit of a rush and I had no money and the queues for the cashmachines sort of took the piss somewhat! Just arrived back to work a tad late, but who cares, nobody's really watching me :-)

Because nobody watches, I left work early to go on my weekly swim with John. I really must learn how to not swallow water.

Notice: Some synthetic fabric swim suits are unsuitable for use in flumes.

Not wrong. Arse - everyone thought as I got out of the plunge pool. My now swimming shorts have a sort of gaping hole surrounded by molten plastic in them now. Don't think I'll be swiming in those again! My arse also sort of has an extra hole, ouch.

Off to the pub later, hopefully. I hope I'll be more normal by then instead of walking around in a bit of a daze!

Oh yeah - I really need a hug.

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