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October 17, 2004

A day out walking, ish

Well I didn't make it to church this morning. Same old reason as all the other times when I said I'd go to church but didn't. Too damn early. This also means that I didn't 'score'. Oh well...

I did however go on the walk. When I said it was in the Peak District it seems I was sort of lieing. Almost the whole walk had us with a constant view of the University of Derby.

If you're interested we followed walk 49 from the excellent book, 50 Walks in the Peak District. I took a few photos and I've put these on the gallery for you all to admire.

When we had finished the walk we all went for a lovely pub dinner in 'The Mundy Arms', in Mackworth. I was less than impressed with the crap and sometimes ironic misuse of the apostrophe on their Christmas meal board!

Christmas Menu Board

What do you think? (click on the photo for a bigger, and then a bigger still version) Count the misuses (or lack of use) of the apostophe, see how many you can find! I get five. Bloody good place though.

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