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October 17, 2004


Today I sort of cooked my first roast dinner - when I say sort of, I had some help from my friends :-)

Once again I've been feeling like Mr Gooseberry. For dinner there was Sarah & John, Laura & Matt and Ellie & Mike, oh and me. Great. Erm, don't take that the wrong way guys, it was great that you were there. I just wasn't as great that we were a seven and not an eight. I suppose if we were eight there wouldn't be enough plates and crap to go around!

That'll all soon be rectified (apparantly), 'cause tomorrow I'm of to church (apparantly) to go and find myself a nice Christian girlfriend (apparantly). Hmmm... I'm not so sure on this plan.

Then it's off to the Peak District for some more gooseberrification no doubt. Unless I score quickly in church...

Bit of a short post really, but I'm off to bed 'cause I'm tired.

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