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September 14, 2004

PLASA Live and Les Misérables

So yesterday I went to the PLASA show. It was quite good really, lots of exciting things to look at and break.

The first thing I thought I'd broken was the visualisation Pearl 2004, but alas I think it was only the monitor that went into sleep mode. I did however manage to sucesffully cause the GrandMA to dump it's core all over it's screen. With a big fat 'Program Terminated' appearing. Whoops. The salesperson who was with me at the time was all 'oh, wonder what happened?' I just replied 'well it's just crashed hasn't it!'. GrandMA, bloody good desk. One thing that would annoy me would be the time it takes to initialise! Took about 2 mins to come back after we'd killed the power to it.

Also had an indepth discussion about a theatre moving head thing. That was rather funny 'cause there's no way I'm gonna buy one, but the technology was cool. Got a free drink out of it so can't be all that bad. For the rest I just wandered about and looked at some demonstations of things like massive pyros and the like.

Afterwards we headed off to Leicester Square to buy tickets for the show. Whilst there we decided to have food in the Pizza Hut. Chris and I digressed to a game of word association which must have lasted for, erm, 30 minutes. We didn't actually talk about anything else during the whole meal. It was quite impressive how our minds worked.

Good links I can remember were:

  • Hitler -> Poland -> Duster -> Knuckle
  • Disney -> Cartoon -> Bart -> San Fransisco
  • Spotted -> Dick -> Suet -> Microsoft

Are the links as obvious to you as they were to us?

Then we had about 1h30 to kill before the show. We went to the Troccodero went upstairs and then promptly left again, it seems to be a lot more boring than it was the last time I was there!

Then we went to Hamleys to regain our childhood and to play with all the display toys...

...Even the Karaoke... :-S

The best toy there had to be this... no idea what it's called!

It's like a childs executive toy, where the 3 train things move around and move little balls from one area to anoter automactially! It was fascination control on a simple level - the train even does a 3 point turn at one point. It did involve us mending it to get it to work - see the video of us working out how it works.

Then it was off to see the sort of toys we'd seen earlier in the day in use by seeing Les Mis. It was bloody well done! Scenery was cool and well thought out, the revolving stage also added an extra dimension the whole performance! Pity the theatre's a bit of a dump really.

On the way home I got bored in the almost empty tube train and took some even more boring photos to pass the time!

Almost similar to what I did almost a year ago!

Exciting, huh?

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