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September 15, 2004

So, I've VoIP'd the house and moved the server!

The addicted will have noticed that my blog dissappeared earlier today. This was due to relocation of Porter to the loft. I've also done clever things with VoIP.

All phonecalls to ClaudeStreet now go through Porter, even the normal BT landline calls. This means that I can call people using a headset on my computer for handsfree action, or call people over the Internet using the groovy walkabout phone system. Means we also get funky voicemail instead of crappy 1571.

So you can marvel at the pure networking and systems genius I've drawn you the plan below to explain the current state of affiars! It might only interest a very few!

Unfortunatly(!?), I can't really be arsed to show you a full diagram which might suggest how any of it works! It just does. Neither have I showed you the humerousness that is my Ring Capacitor addtion to the output of the ATA.

Basically, it is RJ11 (plug) ---> RJ45 (socket) ---> punched down on pins 4 and 5 --> connected to A and B of BT master socket --> Phone! Maybe people looking about how to do this in a dodgey fashion will come across this page, instead of the hit and miss action I was going through last night tyring to get it to work.

It might have also been an idea to show the before picture so that you can appreciate why some of the things seem random! Oh well :-)

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