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September 2, 2003

Scotland - Day 5 - Sunday

As soon as we wake up we phone Travel Inn Inveresk and try and book in there - we shall not make the same mistake again. Woo they have a room.

We drive back towards Edinburgh. We decided that it'll be silly trying to find a place to park there, so we drive past and park at a station just outside - Musselburgh (this is a tiny station). We travel in on the train - unfortunatly the last train out is at 6.37pm so we can't spend that much time there.

We wander around and find a place for lunch - it cost well over 7 quid for 2 sandwichs and 2 bottles of drink!

It's Fringe time... we get attacked by people giving us flyers for their show which shall be the "funniest show we will see at Edinburgh this year". Next year I shall take a show there called "funniest show we will see at Edinburgh this year" for everyone advertising it for me without realising can only be a good thing.

They all start after our last train unfortunatly. We visit the Camera Obscura which is well good :) I think we must spend about 3 hours looking around at all the optical illusions and the like.

Then we walk up to the castle and look at the technical setup for the Military Tatoo - we are much humoured about the lack of security around some of the more important features.. such as the lighting control cables which all go into a power distro garden shed :)

We go and have a drink of coffee in the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre. After leaving we get stopped by a Gouranga man... grrr. We then listen to some live music in Princes Street Gardens and then head back off to Musselburgh. We eventually find somewhere to eat, this place confused us somewhat as we felt that someone would show us to our seats but after been acknowledged a few times a seat was not forthcoming so we just sat down. We eventually get a menu and order - but they don't have the salmon Amanda wanted (apparantly we should have been told this when we took our seats...).

Amanda, my personal secretary, gets a call for me...

It appears I was not happy about what I was being told/asked :)

We find our hotel and sleep lots again.

Today's mileage: 77 miles

[Listening to: Cher - I'm Blowin' Away]
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