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September 2, 2003

Stuff :)

Today I've like done stuff... not much, but I have done stuff :)

I got up quite late 'cause my back hurts :( and then went to help mum in the garden chopping stuff. Unfortunaltly I think we should chop more than she's letting me, so everything looks a bit silly and skinny. Oh well. I've managed to reduce what was the best bush in the garden before a tree was felled on to it to 5 large twigs and 1 leaf :D

Then I played 'The Sims' a lot. I've become addicted again, but then I've also go nothing else to do. I've also typed up more Scotland stuff - only one more day to do, but then that's a problem 'cause I have no notes - I'll have to discuss with Amanda what should go into it.

Erm... well that's about as much I've done... not that much then!

Oh yeah... I got annoyed with the strange connection problems you'll keep noticing with the website, still none the wiser as to why it's happening :( but I'll try and figure it out when I'm back in ClaudeStreet land.

[Listening to: Counting Crows - I Wish I Was A Girl]
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