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August 19, 2003

Meltdown Report - Day 4 - Sunday

Today was the first day of my venue. This was a scary time for me as I had got about 2 hours to learn how to use a lighting desk I'd never used before. This was a bit of a daunting task - with about 1 hour to go before the band were to perform I was still none the wiser on how the beast worked :-/.

However in the morning's preach I had learnt that God would send people challenges (like building Arks and stuff) which he would then give us the skills to be able to deal with these problems. Well... no sooner had I sat there all perplexed the guest sound engineer turned around and said 'Hey, the Pearl is one of the easiest lighting desks to use'. Humm I thought. He then said how he programmed it and then everything came clearer - it was then a mad dash to get stuff to happen.

So... had God given me the skills? or was it that everyone but me knows how to use Pearls (because they are easy to use...)?

And the power of God didn't stop the screen from showing random characters and stuff - see the photo in the album for this day 4.

Food wise I had 4 packed lunches (shows how big they were that does!) and a kebab.

And my floppy lenses tale got worse as one decided to fold under my eye lid :(

[Listening to: Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Fun Lovin' Criminal]
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