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August 19, 2003

Meltdown Report - Day 3 - Saturday

We got moved again today - this time to a place not as nice as the hotel, but rather better than my first cell.

It also appears that we are self catering... humm, we decide that this isn't going to work, as we don't have the time to cook. JB throws a little mental at this news :)

We have a KFC at some early hour in the morning.

In the morning it took rather a long time to put my lenses in, due to them becoming very flappy. I assume that this could be to two reasons - the first being that I wore them for a silly length of time on days 1 and 2, and also that I had changed the solution in which I cleaned them in. Hummmm....

Oh yeah and the event started today.

[Listening to: Counting Crows - Rain King]
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