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August 19, 2003

Meltdown Report - Day 5 - Monday

Today started off bad as I now had a cold. I was late out of bed because I when I sat up after JB had banged on my door I nealy fainted. Nice...

When I was out of bed we had to go on a mission to find some houselighting for the tent. This was a fun roadtrip style affair. We failed to find any suitable though... but learnt that living in Lancaster would be a pain car wise.... everytime we were directed elsewhere it'd be a case of follow the one way system around until you get to so and so....

The wierd screen from the day before on the lighting desk decided to not operate at all today. Must have been on the way out! It did make using the desk interesting...

I also was cheeky and asked the porter if I could steal his PC so I could check my emails :)

Food in the evening was Spag Bol as made by JB's girlfriend, who was one of the many people who came to the plight of the starving Tech team.

I also managed to purchase a phone card so I could use the silly phones - wooo contact with the outside world (and Amanda) at last!

[Listening to: Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Fun Lovin' Criminal]
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