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July 8, 2008

JJ's Stag Do!


Over the weekend I went back up to Halifax for JJ's stag do. The main event was going to Jongleurs in Leeds. It was good fun - although to be fair it felt more like it was our own comedy, rather than that provided. I'll be fair Mitch Benn was good, as was Steve Day, the last guy was a bit of a dick though - I can't even remember his name - which might have been useful so I know to avoid him in the future.

He got consumed by a shit who heckled him and just came back with generic responses, over and over... he seemed to forget to tell any jokes.

The food was also interesting. The ordering was done on magic wireless handheld things. What was worrying was that the food was arriving at the table before the order for the table had been completed. And the drinks arrived after the food! The food was cheap and cheerful and it's clear that they'd prepared a lot (given that the menu isn't exactly vast). If we'd come later I wonder if we'd have had a longer wait.

The food thing all seems a bit backwards. It appears that there's staff to bring drinks, staff to bring food, staff to talk away empties, and staff to take orders. It's somewhat hard to judge the overlap. One guy wanted a glass of water... fine, except he asked someone who only cleared tables... whoops. That said, she brought him a jug of water a bit later on. No glass mind. Clearly, wasn't trained in beverages. So, he asked someone else for a glass... "I don't deal with drinks, only with hot food". Bloody silly.

The whole place had the feeling that it was being run like those expensive events that holiday reps try to get you to go on package holidays - albeit more expensive!

This was kinda compounded by most of the other people there being dog ugly hens on hen-nights - of course you could say we were dog ugly stags on a stag do, so I can't complain about that too much...

So, yeah, an enjoyable night, but it's a good job we brought our own humour.

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