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July 8, 2008

Rainbow 5

[This is a pre-rant really. It might turn out to be complete bollocks and not happen...]

On the way back from the city centre I was passed a flyer than looked something like this (I'm sure shortly the flyer won't be at this address... so if it's a generic Rainbow 5 page then you've missed the boatbus).

in august 2008 rainbow 5 will be getting a major makeover. There'll be brand new buses, with a brand new name and a host of new features to make getting in and out of Nottingham a better travel experience.

Full air-con will keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter. And you'll love the colour co-ordinated interior with its stylish leather seats and wood laminate floor.

Of course the first thing on your lips will be.... "Yeah, thank god for that it's about time they replaced the buses on that route they're all ancient man" (for people who aren't local, they're probably less than 3 years old).

I'm sort of convinced that the price of the bus will go up (if it's at the same time as the relaunch it'll be laughable). I hope when people moan they don't have the audacity to reply with "it's the price of fuel, it's crippling us" and have a more of an honest answer with "it's the dead cow on the seat and dead tree on the floor".

I'm a bit of a fan of the TJ Walsh approch in Halifax myself - that being cheap second hand buses, and in turn cheap ticket prices. That said, these old beasts might not be as good for the environment.

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