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March 27, 2008

Still not deaf

This morning I went for an occupational health screening as a new starter. It appears that saying I work with fine dusts (1.4 micron diameter polysterene microspheres) required me to blow into a spirometer so that they knew how amazing my lungs were before I started.

I have amazing puff.

Then they decided to do a hearing test... you might remember I had one of these a while ago. Well, it appears I'm still not deaf, and to be honest I'm more undeaf than I was just over a year ago. No graphs to show you this time as they've kept them. The method appeared to be the same as the method before, which I still think it mighty unreliable.

So, that was all exciting. I get to go back in 6 weeks to see if my puff is still as good as it is now, or if my job has killed my lungs. Great.

In other news...

Later on in the afternoon I went to L'boro to make up some stuff to test tomorrow - I'm not going into too much detail 'cause I don't exactly want folks finding this whilst doing a literature search or something...

Anyways, 3 of us worked for about 5 hours making this stuff. We put it in a insulated foam box to bring home... and the plan was that it would sit on my knee on the way home to make sure it was level (it had liquid in it).

All was well and good until it came to putting it on my knee. Turns out that the box didn't actually have a bottom, or a top... it's more of a square tube with 'plugs' at each end... and they'd not secured the 'plugs' at either end.

The upshot of this is that 15 man (well 5 man hours, 10 woman hours) of work ended up in the footwell about my feet.

The air was blue!

Luckily, the major part of the stuff had set hard... so it was only the carefully controlled liquid part that ended up all over. So, after spending hours farcing around making this stuff under a sterile hood, we ended up retopping up the liquid in the boot of car. Whooops! I somehow think that'll be the least of our worries when it comes to making measurments on it though, as I realised a fatal flaw with or plans - not that I'll tell you what they are of course!

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