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August 11, 2007

Sand and Geocaches!

Not been up to much recently to be honest - lots of PhD thesis writing up going on though!

Points of note are... they are upgrading the windows at work - nope we're not getting Vista - more of a double glazing thing... They've also for some crazy reason thought it'd be a good idea to sandblast the building - "Polishing a turd" is how I've recently heard it described. Who on Earth thought it'd be beneficial to sandblast it!? More's the point, instead of spending money on that they could have bought gigabit switching for the new network install instead of putting in 100Mbit. Sore point all around that one...

The sand at works been interesting... now we really do need the coffee drinking industrial cleaners to come in and remove the mini-beach from my lab.

What else?

Well... last night Chris came around with his magic Nokia USB lead - idea being that I could upgrade the aging flash on my mobile phone to something less aged - with the hope of it stopping the phone from rebooting itself randomly. Well I didn't brick the phone and all seems well. We then went on to discuss my GPS receiver and what uses it could have. I mentioned Geograph, joesart's and also geocaching. Well about 5 minutes later we'd looked up some local geocaches and were off out hunting them down, with GPS in hand.

Or search was however fruitless - this possibly being because we weren't looking hard enough and also because one of the ones is apparently rather difficult to find - also near a pub where 'muggles' (as they are known) will watch you and wonder why you're walking around in circles looking at your phone... maybe going around pub closing time on a Friday night wasn't such a good idea...

Well, I decided to go back and have a look this afternoon... and found one of them... but not the one by the pub - too many 'muggles' about!

Maybe I'll have a look again at a later date - probably a thing to be doing early in the morning, when it's light, but there's nobody about so you can snoop around a bit more!

If anyone else around Nottingham likes the idea of the geocaching then get in touch if you want someone to geocache with!

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