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July 27, 2007

Aus Photos Up

Just a quicky... I've uploaded the Aus photos for you to marvel at. There's quite a few... (bit trigger happy... and I've not put them all up...!) I was thinking of enabling voting so you can pick your faves (and then make a gallery of faves), but would be too down hearted when all the photos get a vote of 1 out of 5, so I've saved myself the misery!

You'll notice that lots of them are geotagged :-) The GPSness was a half sucess... really need a mobile phone that's not going to crash and loose all the data every so often :-(

This geotagging also means that my photomap has magically updated itself... you'll have to scroll across to find Australia... I wonder if American readers will scroll past America, or scroll it the shorter way across Asia... anyways... enjoy.

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