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August 15, 2007

Okay then, that makes sense

This post might offend your sensibilities. See, look, do say I didn't warn you.

OK, so I've just read this article on the Times Online - Why has God allowed this to happen? Ask parents of Madeleine McCann - them that know me would know what my answer to this quite simple dilemma is. This isn't the point of the post though.

At the end of the article it quotes the dad as saying...

“If the worst has happened all we might be left with is a faith in the knowledge that she is in a better place”

Right... so the worst that can happen is actually probably best outcome (for her, not you). So, really you should stop all this worrying that she might be dead and instead pray that she is? Right, clear as mud.

I'd suggest a mass suicide so we can all go to this better place pronto, however I know for one, I've not exactly got a visa for that particular place, so I'm prolly better off here.

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