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May 4, 2007

Woo. Australia.

Woo. Most people who talk to me in real life will know that I submitted a paper to a conference in Australia in July. A smaller subset of those people will know that it got accepted. Woo...

So, that's my holiday this summer sorted... and I don't have to pay for flights. Kick ass. There was an ill thought out plan back in Halifax that it'd be good for my little bro to come along for the trip... of course he has to pay for his flights... and they've become a little on the expensive side... whoops... one hopes that he will stop moaning about how much it's costing him before we actually go.

I keep telling him that it's always been his choice!

Anyways, I'm a little step closer now as the flights (all 6 of them) have been booked. Woo.

I was a little humoured by the end on the accpetence email I received... it said something on the lines of "Please consider the enviroment before printing out this email"... no where does it say to consider the enviromental impact of flighing thousands and thousands of miles to talk for 15 mins!

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