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January 8, 2007

It's been a slow day...

So... last night wokring in the pub as per on a Sunday.

Well, remember these two girls I was telling you about... well they were in and the landlord pulled me to one side with a big grin on his face...

"One of those girls really likes you..."

"Which one?"

"The ugly one...!"

Woo... yeah brilliant... appears that a not so attractive girl who drinks in the pub thinks I'm hot, once again. Goddamn it.

Then her ex-con of a friend comes in (it's speculation that he's an ex-con but when working in a pub in Nottingham one gets to know the signs!) and decides to come up after the landlord has left and see how the land lies with me and her... Clearly, "I'm not looking for anyone". Urgh.

She then comes up to me and tries some lame arse chatup line involving a pillow she'd brought into the pub... urgh. Urgh.

Luckily they left! Landlord was late back, so whilst waiting he said "have a drink..." I called him at about 12.15 to find out where the hell he was... leaving Ed alone in a pub with all the beer and nothing to do but drink isn't wise... I'd managed to get quite sozzled.

I went around the the house where he'd been for the evening and got invited in and then sat around drinking port from a pint glass for about an hour... whoops.

This morning I felt a little worse for wear.

I think it was an all time record in the lab I was demonstrating... there was infinately more demonstrators that required... yup... two demonstrators... no students. Waste of bloody time... I could have been sleeping!

And that's about that I think! It could well be nearly bedtime!

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