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December 15, 2006

Heh... everyone's blogging but me...

So, 'everyone', including Sarah has posted a blog post recently and I've not posted one for like ages... best be trying hard to think of stuff to post then.

I think it all boils down to the age old thing of there being sod all of interest to talk about - not that didn't happen before of course, but I can't be arsed to write about it in the first place it must be dull... or I've got better things to pretend to be doing or something.

So recently what have I done...

  • Well I've helped Ant setup his servery thing to do backups and so that it receives email directly via SMTP instead of logging on to 5 POP accounts with fetchmail every 5 mins...
  • I've met up with Russ for lunch - that seems likes ages ago now, although it must only be about a fortnight ago... it was cool. I must have lunch with more people I've not seen for ages.
  • Joe was up last weekend for beer and to satisfy my love of takeaway pizza - that being that everytime he visits we have takeaay pizza and other than that I never have takeaway pizza.
  • Erm, I've nearly managed to finalise the second revision of the paper I'm trying to get published... hopefully it'll be all cool and get published. But, I reckon it'll be rejected before Christmas!
  • I've become an OGame addict, like proper addiction this one... it's good though 'cause it's killed my addiction for BetFair and is considerablly cheaper... albeit possbily more of a time killer. It's making me getup early though... that's bad... I'm getting up early to play a computer game instead of going to work! Baaaad.
  • I've been chatted up twice in two weeks in the pub on Sunday. Well ok... maybe once, maybe the girl who was checking on what days I worked wasn't chatting me up. So, yeah. I'm working away and start getting chatted up like crazy - in a unshameful manner by these two girls - to the point where one of them said "At least you've got us two in here chatting you up". The one of them (who happened to be wearing a Santa hat) subtly opens her cardigan to show off her t-shirt similar to that one... "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian"...so was she? or wasn't she? Maybe she could have possibly wanted to add to it in black marker "...because I chat up men all the time, clever disguise, huh?"

Well that's the reader digest and all I can remember that's happened so we'll leave it at that for the time being!

Must do stuff vaugly interesting and update this more often...

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