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January 7, 2007

New stuff...

Yesterday I went into town to pick up some contact lenses because their computer system was being upgraded and instead of arriving on my door they arrived at the opticians. Not big problem, just a little inconvenient having to traipse all the way into town to come all the way back again...

I tried to built a list in my head of things I could by whilst I was there. New trainers - which I'd tried to buy on a different trip to the opticians and failed due to them not having the shoes in my size and a new wallet because I've had mine for like 8 years now and it's falling (fallen) to bits - it's quite good at killing the magnetic strips on cards so that they only have chance to be used once before they are buggered... doh!

That was all I could come up with!

Anyways, whilst in the opticians I decided to book a hearing test - I thought it'll be interesting to see if I am actually deaf. That's another trip to town that'll feel half wasted on Tuesday though... outside the opticians there's the O2 shop. One of my previous games when going to town and seeing the eye people is to go in look at the phones and see if by anychance they'll give me a free upgrade - previously the answer has been "No, you don't spend enough a month". Well to my suprise this time the man was "Yes..." Crazy! Having expected a bit of a fight to say look I've been with you since October 2003 without a upgrade give we one you bastards and walking into the shop purely unplanned I'd not actually decided what phone I wanted to upgrade to.

I quickly picked one that looked good. Anyways, it indeed does appear now it's home and been played to death with to be good, so all is well - the thing that's made me happiest so far is that I can use it as a remote to pause and start music and films without having to use the keyboard - much use when the laptop is on the floor plugged into the TV me thinks - if did lots of presenting it'd also be cool as it interacts with PowerPoint as a slide control... but also gets things like the slide notes and displays them on the screen! Nokia 6233 if anyones interested. Oh, one question for my learned readers... on such a phone how does one sort the messages received so that the most recent ones are at the top of the list instead of the bottom? (just thought this might actually be the norm and it is wrong at the moment because of the way they were imported from my old phone?)

Hmmm... trainers... yeah. Well... once again they didn't appear to have any I was really after - but I decided I wasn't going to leave empty handed so bought some anyway. I managed to work out an annoying game for the staff... find one... send them off to see if there are shoes like that in my size and then when they're gone for about 15 mins... find another member of staff and send them in for the same shoe... and a different one 'cause you're thinking there isn't on in that size and the orginal staff member has been snagged by someone else... only for both staff members to meet at the door and realise they are both seeing to the same guy :-) The cute one stayed with me though... so all is well.

So, there we go. Oh, I bought a new wallet too... but that's not that exciting.

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