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December 7, 2006

The dirty ISIS going bastards!

People who know where I live will know how far away Isis is from my house - a fair distance...

Maybe it's because I'm going to bed early nowadays... maybe they've done something like remove the walls... I don't know. But every Wednesday night... I hear it... and it's most annoying.

I noticed it a few weeks ago when I thought there was a houseparty going on down the road... I opened the window and realised it sounded more like a night club - or it must have been a bloody big houseparty!

I thought I'd try recording the noise for you last night... for you all to enjoy...

I don't have any real recording equipment - but I used my trusty Belkin iPod Voice Recorder... I was amazed that it managed to pick up any of the noise... but it did quite well!

And here is an MP3 of the rabble for you to listen to... not the best recording but you get the picture (lots of screaming and the like - I think the bass rumble hasn't been recorded that well)... the silent bit at the end is what was picked up after I've closed the double glazed window.

It kinda sounds like I live near a theme park!

Oh yeah... there's a tiny chace that it might not be Isis... but someone else nearby with loud speakers, loud people and an annoying DJ who like the sound of his voice too much.

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