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December 27, 2006


Time for another bulleted update, 'cause I can't be arsed with prose.

  • Went on Tom's Stag do. Go-Karting (I came 11th out of 11... go me). Some form of laser shootingness - I managed to not do as badly as I usually do - this might have something to do with little kids all following each other in the arena and me being able to shoot all of the line... one kid at a time. The evening was pretty uneventful and we were all tucked up asleep in bed by midnight!
  • Got pissed off at work in the pub again. I shall resign soon the job's not worth the crap - well that's if I don't get sacked for being arsey to the customers first :-)
  • Finially got around to resubmitting the paper I'd been writing which had been returned for major revisions. I sense that it'll get rejected.
  • Went to Tom and Hannah's wedding. 'twas a good do.
  • Came back to the 'fax. Bit annoyed... on the day I was due to be collected (the 24th) Mum and Dad were meant to be going to a dinner party thing in the evening. When the picked me up they said that they weren't going anymore 'cause the didn't want to pass it on to people... I'm sat with them enclosed in the car when they're telling me this. If I don't get the sniffles it'll be a bloody miracle.
  • Christmas was more of a non-event than it's ever been (which is saying quite a lot!). No guests for Christmas dinner this year - why we actually bothered with Christmas dinner I don't know - it still managed to stress mum out having to get all the stuff on the table and and there was only the 5 of us there! No need! Oh yeah, and if there's only 5 of us, there's no point in getting a 15 pound turkey! Thanks to Sarah and John for saving me from a san-present Christmas once again! Not that I'd be unhappy with a san-present Christmas... but you know what I mean!
  • I've been helping John (as in youngest brother for them not in the know) out with his electronics project - when I say helping I think I mean doing... slightly educationally misguided - now I'm torn between moving it on to stripboard from breadboard myself... or letting him do it - I'm quite certain that if he does it, it'll make it much harder to 'debug' when it's all gone wrong - but I can't actually be arsed doing it myself - thousands (well tens) of wires to move...

That could well be all there is to say about the last 2 and a bit weeks.

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