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December 4, 2006

'Parts' required...

Last week I tried to print out something on the uber printer come photocopier come scanner come toaster at work. When I arrived my print job wasn't waiting for me - there was a message on the screen saying "Paper Jam" and step by step instructions of where to prod. I did all the prodding and the printer sprung to life...


"Paper Jam"

Bastard thing jammed again... followed the instructions again...


"Paper Jam"

The bitch.

After trying lots of ideas and getting a pile on mangled paper I went down to the office to let the know it's fubar. Apparantly the engineers been called out. Woo, great, that's for putting a notice on the printer to tell me that.

I noticed later that a poster had been created and added something on the lines of "Paper Keeps Jamming - Engineer called". Good good.

Today I went to check if the printer had been fixed so I could send something to it - there was an addition to the note - "Engineer called [date - could have been Friday] - Parts required." And a little further down the corridor a pile of bits that when all put together would make a totally brand new photocopier/printer/toaster :-)

Time to go updating my printer drivers!

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