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October 2, 2006

Think before you print

There's this thing that really knobs me off. It's when I come across something that's been printed (or painted) where there's something wrong with what's been printed - a spelling mistake or a grammatical mistake (yeah, I know there's mistakes like that all over my blog, maybe even in this post, but it's not costing me to print it and the spellings can magically correct themselves with no cost to me).

A good example of "how not to do it" fell through the door last night.

Get the name of your business right
Rule One: Make sure that you manage to spell the name of your business correctly on advertising material.

I've not bothered scanning the inside in order to take the piss out - all generic takeaway menus all have errors in them, it's nothing new or exciting. The "tuna, prwns, ochovis & olive" pizza seems nice, if only I knew what ochovis are. I can only guess that ochovis means anchovies. Woo, in a while I'll be the only place on Google with the word ochovis! If you've got this leaflet too and have gone Googling for what the hell "ochovis" are and are wondering if you want them on your pizza then make a comment!

At least they've not put an apostrophe in pizzas! OK, I lie... inside you've got the headings of "Pizza", "Curry Pizzas" and "Vegetarian Pizza's". Durr.

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