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September 28, 2006

More birthday...

On Tuesday it was the Mystie one's birthday.

We went to the Red Hot Buffet Shack, if you will recall, I went their in May and didn't really like it. Well it wasn't as bad as it was that time - probably because it was quiter... I did have fun with beer though... ordered a pint of Hardy and Hanson's Cool - when I got it back to the table and took a sip it tasted a little crap. Then I looked at it... it looked more like Hoegaarden, except cloudier.

Of course I took it back and told them it tasted funny and was as cloudier than milk and the response from the idiot behind the bar "Well, what do you expect, it is bitter." Erm, yeah. She offered to pour me another pint and I politly refused, knowing that the next pint would be just as bad and she'd jump on the logical bandwagon of bullshit and tell me that it must be meant to look like that. I told her I'd have a Carling instead (ewww) - I don't do Carling, because it's clearly animal piss - but at least I knew it wouldn't look like it had came from someone with severe proteinuria.

After the meal we went for a drink in the Brass Monkey where I had a Gin Bramble, very nice.

We then moved on to a casino - where I got a 100% return on my money... yeah, I bet a whole pound on a black on a roulette machine and it came up :-)

...and that is that.

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