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August 4, 2006

I've added another money making link to my side bar!

I've decided to try and increase my advertising revenue from the blog! I've added another link to my side bar.

It's for Touchlight Systems, which I'm sure my regular Nottingham readers will have heard about and now all my readers will know about :-)

I was going to do my own writeup about what the company does, but I thought I'd just nick it from the website!

Touchlight Systems Limited is a dynamic, forward-thinking company with a professional attitude, whilst retaining it's upcoming, youthful feel. Founded in 2000, Touchlight Systems offers a diverse range of professional services aimed at the new and established businesses.

So there you go.

So if you need any domain names, hosting, a virtual server, co-location, a dedicated server, SSL certificates, a backup solution, ADSL, voice over IP soutions, web design, computer consulance, emedded hardware, some graphics doing or something printing (I'm thinking things like business cards and flyers!) then think about going through the link on my blog and... make me happy!

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