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July 5, 2006

So little to tell...

Erm, well, so what's happened in the last week...

I've finially managed to get my backup stuff working sort of right... I'm not backing up to one of my old 'big' drives at work using rdiff-backup. After a few issues I think all is working with it now... fingers crossed.

In order to try and make the backups as c... c... c... (sod it, I can't think of the word anymore)... I'll explain...

When backing up all the files it takes a while for all the files to be backed up - this means that some of the files that were backuped up at the beginning of the process might have changed before the backup ends. This means that the backup isn't really a snapshot of how things were when the backup started - it's more of a sort of copy of the files as they were when they were found. This isn't great as it means that... (woo thought of the word... consistent)... the files could be inconsistent with one another.

There is this funky thing in Linux called the Linux Volume Manager (LVM), which has the ability to allow you to make a snapshot of the drive as it was and then you can mount this as a partion in it's own right - any changes made on the main partition won't appear on the snapshot.

Installing LVM on the server has caused me some what of a headache. I won't go into all the details, because it'd bore you and I went around and around in circles trying to work out how to get around them... for a hint of what it entailed, to anyone else who's done anything Linuxey and it's gone wrong... I got lots of "kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs" sort of errors on start up.

I've sorted it now by deciding not to go the whole hog on making the whole system under work under LVM... I also managed to do silly stuff when choosing which bits of the drive to put into the LVM... putting the file (fstab) which says where the partitions are inside a partition which needs to be found using the file 'causes it not to work very well ;-)

So, that's eaten up lots of my time.

Yesterday I went out to near Langar airfield to sort out an ex-local's wireless network... not the easiest thing, when it seemed to be working fine when I went there... the printer however was another story, seems to have got a shagged network port... whoops.

Apparantly the old wireless router/modem he had died in a thunderstorm, along with his phone socket... and I've got a sinking suspicion that it also toasted the printers network interface too :-(

Later on nothing would connect to the new wireless router - even my laptop when sat next to it... so I'm thinking the new router is probably a pile of poo too. I seemed to spend ages there. It didn't really bother me as it was nice getting out into the countryside! I can't remember the last time I was there.

In ungeeky news... my bet with the pub landlord on the winner of the World Cup seems to be going better than expected... about 2 months, waaay before it started, he said "let's have a little bet, pick two teams who you think will win the World Cup, who aren't Brazil.". So we both picked two different teams...

He had Spain and Germany and I chose Italy and France. After getting loads of stick from him during the qualifying stages with both his teams getting the maximum 9 points and mine not doing as well... it appeared he'd counted his chickens before they'd hatched when France beat Spain... hehe.

And then last night, tragedy, as Italy knocked out Germany :-) It makes me more smug that it was my chosen teams that knocked his out... so I'm hoping for a France win tonight, which sort of seals my winning bet before the final. Hehehe... who's smug now?

Watch Portugal win tonight and go on to win the tournament now, just to spite me.

So, I said there was little to tell, but it appears that there was more to tell that I originally thought... I really must try harder and update this thing as things happen... 'cause I'll have missed something again no doubt!

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