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July 6, 2006

So, how long is it?

Well here's something I forgot to post earlier...

Seems like it's time for me to take the Michael out of some packaging... I've not done that for ages.

This time it's the turn of the Molex to SATA power cable I had to buy to convert the 4 pin D plugs that come out of my power supply in my computer to the 15 pin SATA power connector that is on my new harddrive.

It appears that either metric isn't as standard as it's meant to be, or translators from certain countries like to over emphasise how big they actually are!

The English on the front says 15cm (or 6 inches)... it appears that Italians lie about their size the greatest by claming they are 9cm longer than they really are... (60% over statement). The Spanish and the Dutch also over state... but not as much. The German's are nice and honest... and the French, well they're a tad anally retentive... with their 20.32cm of length... clearly the measurement requires that level of precision - and they've still over stated by 2 inches... what's that all about!?

This is all based on the lead actually being 15cm by the way... it's in my computer now and I can't be arsed pulling it apart to measure it to give it's true length!

Cue someone telling me that maybe they make the lead different lengths for different markets... but use the same packaging...

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