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June 15, 2006

Bejeezus, a week since a post!

What's happened then?

Well the hot water in the house broke... well sort of... the hot water was fine... it was more of the cold water stopped getting added to the first class queue to become promoted hot water... in English, the ballcock decided to cease up and so the header tank stopped filling up - good job the tank got emptied when I was washing up and not when I was having a shower or I'd have been most pissed off and cold!

After the quick fix of refilling the header with a hosepipe to get us through the night Chris set to fixing it the next day - idea originally being taking the knackered valve out, descaling it, and replacing it. Descaling didn't do to well and then we shafted the part... at 8.45pm... so that's only 15 minutes to get to B&Q to buy a replacement before it shut and we were without hot or cold water for the night - the isolator for the cold water to the tank was some what nagered so we had to turn off cold water at the mains :-(

'tis a good job Chris has a car and that B&Q is close! The new part is now fitted and all works wonderfully.

I'm meant to be doing a few hours in the pub tonight whilst the England match is on... wooooo... oh how I'm looking forward to that.

That's about all that happened!

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