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June 19, 2006



One of the harddrives in the server broke this morning - this sort of means I've lost loads of stuff from my home directory which resided on that drive - luckily I've got a fairly old backup (Novemeber '05) of the directory so all was not lost - I've not done much since then I don't think... The blog was also threatened although the text is in a database which isn't held on that drive, so it'll just be the photos I've added since November which will be dead - although I'll try and get them back using magic.

The emails are a bigger pain - lots of stuff is stored locally on my Desktop machine although I keep all my work stuff on the server (so I can access it from work or home)... lots of the email is stored in Eudora's IMAP cache (both at work and at home...) it's just a case of extracting that and putting it back in the right places... a job for a perl script me thinks.

But yeah. Much arse!

I wonder what little changes I've done to little scripts since Novemeber that I'll have to redo :(

Time to sort out that remote backing up lark...

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