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April 18, 2006


So my nice extended weekend draws to a close!

It's been quite uneventful - I've finially managed to kick the Command and Conquer addiction... this time around anyway! Took some hardcore playing to get there! Pub on Friday was meant to be a quick quiet one, but it wasn't - oh well.

Pub on Saturday, hmmm, I can't really remember but I think it was quite early - meant I got more time to carry on kicking my addiction!

On Sunday I was working... and it was busy. Really really busy. BlowSoc decided to decend upon us all at once - we had a crazy time in trying to work out who was first at the bar although I suppose that wasn't really possible as everyone arrived at once!

Erm, Monday was pretty uneventful - I started to power wash the patio but gave up when the light got bad (and the patio got flooded...)

I went to the pub in the evening really late on hoping it would be quiet and I could do what I needed to do and leave... unfortuantly a regular who's not usually there that late in the evening was there and we started talking...

I'd been reliably informed that my larger than life admirer was sat in the corner with a friend. Some time later the friend left and the admirer came to the bar and ordered another blasted drink!

She then sat drinking with us... waaah waaaah... holding me up! So what was meant to be a bloody quick home by midnight action ended up being a come home at 5am - 'cause she just wouldn't leave (even though she was sat without a drink for god knows how long) and nobody wanted to tell her to leave! Dammit.

Today started rather later than I would have really wished - I wanted to carry on with the patio but by the time I got up it was glum :-(

Ah well, back to work tomorrow... woo...

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