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April 23, 2006

There's nothing like standardization to make things simple...

I've finally got the pub to get around to ordering some new lamps to replace all the blown ones around the pub... We don't need as many as I had originally thought because I found a hidden cache... But where this replaces is a bit of a mystery... From looking at the spots in the roof the are a combination of 50W 38 deg beam, 20W 38 deg... and 20W 24 deg lamps... The cache is all 20W 12 degree. So where should they go?

What doesn't help is that the locations of the lights would have been worked out about 3 years ago and I bet the people who've replaced them as they've blown won't have cared what went back so long as it fitted!

I don't really care either to be honest but how is anyone in a hurry meant to maintain the architect's vision if he's singled out (I guess) 3 of about 20 fixtures to be uniquely lamped?

No need!

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