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March 17, 2006

Well... it's Friday lab time again!

... and the cheeky guy who complained about nobody being here... isn't here. What a suprise! That said he was double cheeky and came to yesterday's lab instead... he's still got a lab to do though!

It's been quite a quiet lab again - unlike yesterday which was hectic as anything... something to do with loads of people not knowing what day of the week it was... grrrrrrr.

In other news... I might be back off to Halifax tomorrow... or I might not... still unsure.

Dad's invited 3 old university friends and partners around for a meal - one of which happens to live close by in Willoughby and have offered to take me home and then bring me back the day after.

Seems a whole lot of faff to be perfectly honest - it's not like I'll have much time for anything else after eating and then coming home again... What's worse is I've never met the people who will be giving me the lift. This on it's own isn't too bad... but they won't have anything to talk to me about on the 1hour30 drive... well they will... "So, what's your PhD all about then?".

Do you know how much I hate talking about it? I'll give you a clue... a bloody huge amount. It wasn't so bad until I find every punter in the pub is asking me what it's about! Oh and mum asking how it's going too... every time she calls. Grrrr...

Nobody understands what it is exactly I'm doing... and when you tell them the watered down version in an attempt to satisfy their desire to know something which they don't actually give a damn about, they spend ages trying to work out how to do it for you...

My brother came up with a good idea.... just lie about it... apparantly I'm meant to tell them that I'm not really doing a PhD and I've just told my folks that... in actual fact I'm the latest star in Nottingham's adult film industry. You never know, they might fall for it... that's if I finially make up my mind to go...

Now for some sad news. The pub dog died on Tuesday :-( She'd had a good innings though, living to nearly 17 years of age! Things started to go bad on Sunday. At least it was quite quick and peaceful. The pub doesn't feel the same without her - I keep thinking she's outside and wants letting in because I can't see her!

I think that's about it for the last week in news... oh Chris and I have started a Lost Series 2 Marathon... so far we've watched 8 episodes in 4 nights. I suppose when you put it like that it doesn't seem like much of a marathon. Ah well.

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