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March 19, 2006

So, I decided to go home...

Yeah, so it wasn't that bad at all. The guy could be a little argumentative though (clashes with my argumentiveness I guess)... over such little things.

Apparantly, a Krone IDC punch-down tool... punch down tool, Kroning tool... blah blah whatever you want to call it, is a crimping tool and all the previous names I gave are made up and non-existant. Clearly, it's a crimping tool, because it does a shed load of crimping... in a similar way to hairstraighters being the ideal tool for crimping ones hair.

I let it lie, seeing as we had this disagreement not soon after leaving the house back here... I've don't argue with people who I don't know when they talk bullshit - only the people I know :-) I also assumed he might be thinking of a crimping tool and we were thinking of different tools. All was well, until I got the 'crimping' tool out at home - Dad wanted me to move some phone sockets... and he said 'see, crimping tool'... yes clearly.

No doubt there will be a miilion people who will all say that it is a crimping tool, and point out where exactly the crimping takes place. They'll probably also tell me that everyone calls it that and that I'm wrong for calling it a punch down tool... fair enough, you've got me. Well done. Thing is right, it wasn't him calling it the 'wrong thing' (in my mind) that got my goat (I can accept that a sixty plus year old will call things wrong... my mum used to call floppy discs tapes or something wrong like that) - it was him telling me that what I was calling it was plain wrong that pissed me off and not once when I just gave in, but twice, almost 2 hours later.

Now that's off my chest... my mum showed me an article from the Evening Courier, the local paper...

Dyslexia case given go-ahead

A WOMAN who claims one of Calderdale's top schools blighted her career chances because they failed to deal with her dyslexia has won the right to press for compensation.

Fiona Skipper, 23, who now lives in Beeston, Leeds, says she was let down by Crossley Heath School and All Saints' Junior and Infant School in Halifax. She is suing Calderdale Council and Crossley Heath's governors, claiming "educational negligence" thwarted her career hopes and impacted on her earning capacity.

In December 2004 Halifax County Court "struck out" Fiona Skipper's damages claim, ruling it had no real prospect of success. But yesterday Appeal Court Judges reversed that decision.

Lord Justice Latham said he only allowed the appeal -opening the way for a full trial into her claim - with regret.

He said: "This case simply does not justify the expense which is likely to be incurred in taking the matter to trial." He said the council and school governors would have to spend large sums defending the claim, which "should be be applied more constructively".

The judge said Miss Skipper, who had ambitions to be either a child psychologist or a member of RAF aircrew, claimed she had suffered "humiliation, lost confidence and lost self-esteem" because of both schools' failure to deal with her dyslexia.

If she manages to prove educational negligence, the judge said she might be due compensation and a "modest" payout for any damage to her earning capacity.

Crossley Heath School, one of Calderdale's two grammar schools, marginally missed out on the district's top spot in last round of GCSE league tables, with 99 per cent of students achieving at least five A*-C grades.

It came top in the A-level league table.

A date for the full hearing has not yet been set.


Maybe more so if you know the two schools I went to (take an educated guess)... and that I was diagnosed with dyslexia only two years ago...

I wonder if she'll win and it'll set a precedent...

Don't worry, I wouldn't sue. I think she's taking the piss rather a lot!

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