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March 15, 2006

It's amazing how cheeky some folk can be...

... so you know how bored I get when I'm demonstrating on Friday mornings... can you imagine how damned annoying it is when a student complains to the lecturer that whenever he's been to the lab on Friday that there's nobody there to sign his work off.

Now... if you were in that position, would you check with the lecturer on the first time it happened, or would you wait 6 weeks when you'd already missed two deadlines? Well, I for one would have done it somewhat earlier. Especially 'cause I'd have clearly missed the lecture when I had to sign up into which lab I was going to (and god knows how many others), so I wouldn't even know when to turn up for my lab/

That said I might not do because there's a bloody big chance that I wouldn't even know that there were any deadlines for the labs and I would think that I was well within my rights to piss of the demonstrators 10 mins before the end of the last lab with 5 programs (that I'd written at home) which didn't even vaugly meet the marking guidelines... and then moan like a crazy fool when the time had run out on the lab and the demonstrators left as they've finished they'd stopped getting paid to be there.

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