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March 13, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Blog!

Woo - my blog is 3! Yeah, I thought that'd excite you.

This'll be the 1056th post, which I thinks quite good going too - that's about one a day on average I think - some days I must have been posting a lot seeing the sizes of some of the gaps in the calendar I have nowadays.

I thought it'd be intestering (well for me at least) to do a word count of all the posts in the last three years... 189,280 in case you're wondering. That's a word every 8 minutes on average. To put the numbers in some form of perspective, it's 25% of the total word count of the bible or 21% of the works of Shakespeare.

Not too bad going - even better if you've read them all!

I hope the blog survives another year! It'd be nice to give it a rebirth of enthusiasm it once received - still I get over 1,000 unique readers everyday, so I've got to be doing something right :-)

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