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March 10, 2006

Woo, just found some assertiveness!

Just arrived at work and got to the lift, to find it open with someone putting some small lengths of scaff bar in to take up to the 15th floor where there's an extreme makeover going on.

"You can't use this lift," says the builder wanker.

Great... so I went and pressed the button to call the other lift... builder wanker hasn't put the key in to lock of the lift on the ground floor, to keep the lift there he just keeps sticking his hand in the door. This clearly breaks the lift logic beyond belief as that lift will be queued to stop at some floors instead of the other one... what's worse... the controller knows there's a lift at the ground floor so thinks it doens't need to send me another car.

I began to get annoyed and asked the builder in as none polite way as possible... "If you going to hold the lift to move a few bits of scaff you could at least lock it off with the frigging key you've got in your hand."

The builder walks off saying "not my problem"... twat.

Luckily he gave the key to one of the other builders who was just stood watching... he went and put the key in...

"That other one won't come for you, 'cause this is here", he says.

Great so this dumb fuck knows he's bringing the flow of people around the building to a stand still. Yeah, yeah, my smart arsed readers... we could use the stairs... thing is you don't know to use the stairs if you've pressed a button for the lift and don't know it's being held up by a neanderthal.

Ta da, as predicted the car came for me as the lift control had been told that the other lift wasn't in use... I gave the other guy a knowing look and went off on my journey.


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