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February 24, 2006

3 people...!

A grand total of 3 people turned up to the lab...

3 people! That's just silly.

Ah well. It did mean I got to meet a girl who I fear might be more of a geek than me!

You know it's bad when you're trying to explain something about Java and she's already admitted she's definatly more of a C++ girl. Then she also apologied when she accidently asked, "so you just fork another process?", for it being too much like Unix speak.

At one point whilst explaining the GridBagLayout layout manager I said "it's a bit like tables in HTML". Whoops... messed up there as everyone knows that tables are bad for HTML layout, and she proudly told me that she uses <div>s, because tables are evil. Of course I know this. Look for the tables on the blog... she'd forgotten that layouts aren't the only use for tables... I showed her my lab sheet and pointed out that it'd be stupid to make that using <div>s. She agreed.

I'll have to be a little weary though, she uses a Mac ;-)

Why aren't there more geeky girls?

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