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February 24, 2006

Waste of sleep, time and someone elses money...

So... after all the ball ache with the PCs across the way being too slow for the Java IDE, I've managed to get folks to be convinced to move across the way to a lab with fast new computers in it :-)

However, it's smaller... and was booked at the nice afternoon times... so it's a 10.30 start every morning. Big deal all you working people are thinking... but, but it's seriously impeding my stupid level of late night drinking. Could be a good thing...

Anyways, it's 10.45 and our first person has turned up (he probably sees this as a waste of sleep also)... seems a bit daft that there is currently two demonstrators for one student... and the department shelled out £5 just for us to sit waiting for him for quarter of an hour.

I wonder if we'll get any more punters before noon.

Ah well, at least it's money I suppose.

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