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February 24, 2006

Hypothetical question here...

You know when people talk about having millions and being able to live off the interest and stuff?

Well suppose you've come into £50 million of rather filthy money, you can hardly pay it into the bank. Alarm bells would start ringing big time.

You could keep it under the bed I suppose and buy everything with cash... but there'd be a shed load of it. In fifty quids it'd be a million bits of paper - but the money isn't going to be fifty quids is it... who distibutes 50 quids to shops and ATMs and the like? I'd be suprised if there's even many 20 quid notes... I suppose you wouldn't really have to live off the interest if you had that much. Although everything you bought would clearly have to be in cold hard cash and people would start to wonder where all your money was coming from.

You could anonmously donate it to a charity of your choice Robin Hood Styleeee maybe... and then watch the charity get in shit when they try and pay in the cash?

How about...send an email to randoms in Africa hoping they will be able to help?

It's a difficult one.

Grrr, written all this crap and just found that the BBC have already asked the same question... but got more answers, 'cause they know about laundering money than me (well more than I want to let on...) :-)

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