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December 28, 2005

So Christmas Day has come and gone...

It didn't really feel like it this year - as in the run up to it I'd hardly seen anything Christmassy - even the pub wasn't decorated!

So, what presents did I get... once again Sarah (and John this time) saved my barren Christmas and bought me a... Horn for my Bike! Best kind of presents those... the ones where you mention that something

Unlike Mum and Dad who's main present of note was a Kenwood Frothie from some family friends. Mum and dad see it as extra clutter for an already cluttered kitchen, expecially for something they are hardly likely to use! It's a lot of cleaning for a few cups of drink!

In other news I've finished Call of Duty 2, on the silly veteran mode (hardest setting) - it did take the piss somewhat and involve frantic button pressing... once I'd completed it I thought I'd try on the easy setting and see how easy it actually was.... lol... you could basically just walk though the levels shooting and complete them! Now I've played both Call of Duties and both Brothers in Arms, I'm at a bit of a quandry as to which is the best format for the game is... (well my favourite anyway). I'm very tempted to say Brothers in Arms - even though when I first started playing it I thought the idea was a load of balls!

In yet other news I've scanned a shed load of old photos which were my grandma's to try and stop a family feud - over who owns the rights to look at them... clearly it should be both parties, but Mum has fallen out big style with my aunt... whos' also falled out with her. So, I'm scanning them and sending them a CD...

After that's done and gran's house is sold (which is being stalled because they want to see the damn photos!?) I guess Mum thinks there won't be much need to talk to that side of the family anymore... which is a tad sad! I wonder what'll happen when I'm older!

That's all...

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