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December 22, 2005

So, I'm back in sunny Halifax again!

Yup, Ed's back 'home' and it's almost just like I left it - although the downstairs toilet and cloakroom seem to have changed somewhat. Just for the people who know what it used to be like... with the bog being like in a cubical, well it's now in a bigger area with a sink and stuff... even got a nice tiled floor. Woo!

My bedroom is full of loads of junk... including a doll's house which was in the house when my parents moved in 25 years ago - the plan was that I was going to be a girl and Grandma would do it up... then I wasn't a girl, so the idea was that my brother would be a girl... but he's my brother and hence not a girl... finially my other brother was going to be a girl... but wasn't... so we had a dissappointed Grandma, and a derelict doll's house... which we've still kept it seems!

A broken Doll's house

... I forgot I could take photos :-)

Trip up was uneventful, and being here now for however many hours it is, is making me feel bored! With any luck I'll be able to find lots of fun things to do tomorrow! Apparantly a trip into town is in the planning :-)

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