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November 25, 2005

Daft woman!

In June, one of the other people who work in the pub lent the landlord's girlfriend a CD of his. She soon found that she couldn't get it out of her car CD player, no matter what buttons she pressed. To make it worse she couldn't even play the CD.

On Wednesday she asked me if I wouldn't mind having a look because the guy would quite like his to have his CD back. I encountered the same problems - it was as if the CD player didn't know it had a CD in it. I went to ask if there was another CD I could try putting in to the player to be told there was a few in the glove box.

After a quick look through the glove box I come across a CD, not in a case, which looked very very similar to the sort of deathmetal Pete would listen to. I thought this'd be a good one to test... (knowing full well at this point what had gone on). Sure enough it played fine and ejected perfectly.

Yup, that's right folks, she's been driving around for the last 5 months thinking she's not able to play her CDs when the CD she thought was stuck in it was in the glove box all along... genius... I don't think!

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