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November 26, 2005

Home before drinking up time!?

I've come to the conclusion that this extended drinking hours thing is bollocks. I mean... woo... what's the point - it was good fun staying up until the early hours and now it's like "Yeah whatever" 'cause you could have a load of riff raff in! Not that the pub didn't close at midnight I guess, 'cause it was dead, but hey!

Ah well, funnyness happened... as usually does when Keith the lorry driver is about...

He decided to call "Am" on his phone. "Am" is drunkenness for whore apparantly, if you're given a girl on the games number while drunk and you hit the 2 and 6 number on your phone randomly before giving up.

She is indeed a Thai prostitute, who would suck long time.

We weren't exactly up for this kinda shite, although he decided to book for a session of four... All I heard was his side on the convo...

How much for four people?
What do you mean you only do one?
You only have one what?!
Yeah, I'll talk to the pimp...
Look, no kinky shit, just you know... blowjob?

He'd already given the address of the pub and insulted the pimp so much that he hung up... not such a wise idea me thinks.

Pete ordered a taxi and about 15 min later we heard a car outside. I looked out of the window... "Pete, taxi's here!... Although it's a bit odd, 'cause it's pulled into a parking space..." I sat down and then had a revelation, there was no way it was a taxi... what's a convertible Audi with a personalised number plate pulling in to a parking space for...

You've guessed it folks... this isn't no taxi, the pimp's arrived! We let Keith go out to apolgoise... and what's worse the price had doubled... bollocks to that he tells him and they drive off!

Bit of a lauigh for a Friday night, innit!

In other news... big hello to Eva, who writes on her blog...

I just put a little advertisement on Blog-Ed. I really think this dude is really cool. And he is doing it sinds March 2003. I'm so sad. Somebody help me.


Blog-Ed is super cool too.

It'd be nice if she'd linked to the site instead of just mentioning it's name... but it's kinda cool anyway :-)

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