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November 21, 2005

The domian name game...

Just been reading about some 'not that well thought out' domain names on Wellsy's blog. Seems he's not the first to mention them as a quick websearch shows that around 50% of blogs have now mentioned them... no idea who was first...

Anyways... here they are, although I've removed the expertsexchange one, 'cause they've realised that it could be misread and changed it... oh and the powergenitalia one's dead too...

  • whorepresents.com - presents for whores or a database to find the agents of the rich and famous?
  • penisland.com - a land of dicks or a island of pens?
  • therapistfinder.com - do you want to find the rapist or a therapist?
  • molestationnursery.com - somewhere where you wouldn't want you're kids looking after or a garden centre in Mole Station Tenterfield, New South Wales?

In the realm of the 'sex change' domains... there's millions of them... anything plural that gets exchanged... clearly. Most of these sites seem to have realised what they've done and they're not in use!

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