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November 19, 2005


Big woo... yesterday I was 24!

Decided that seeing as I've become a recluse over the last year that I wasn't going to do anything big - to be honest I decided that I wasn't going to do anything at all.

Then Sarah (who as it happens needs to update her blog big time...) called me on Wednesday to see if I was going to the pub or anything... well, as it happens I was going to the pub (funny that). She said her husband and her would also come and join me.

On the Thursday John called up to suggest that we should go out for a curry, as in tradition. So, I decided to do that also. It ended up being a very exclusive meal, with only Sarah, John, Chris (cue Chris commenting that he only knew about my birthday 'cause I mentioned the curry in the pub).

After the curry we went to the pub. Chris left to sleep, then Sarah and John did... the plan was that I would also leave, but I got into a conversation, and then another birthday party turned up... and it all went a little crazy!

As for presents. I got a book entiltled "1,000 places to see before you die" from Sarah and John, and a tulip from Amanda.

The book's quite cool - I some how doubt I'll visit all of the places it suggests before I pop my clogs though! If I live for another 50 years, I'd have to do the things in the book at a rate of 20 a year... which could be quite costly! Maybe I'll just do the European ones!

Bring on another year!

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