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November 17, 2005


Ever since I've been a kid and I watched a timelapse video of a flower growing from a seed I've thought that timelpase videos are funky. I've always found, however, that they never seem to last long enough. If you've ever seen the video for "Madonna - Ray of Light" you might understand what I mean - there's loads of timelapse in it of different things, like street scenes, even a game of chess - but they're not that long.

Well now I've got a webcam installed that looks over a street and a lot of sky, I've been collecting images for the last few days. I've now compressed the 3 days of images (taken one a minute) into a 43 seconds of DivX for you all to see, should you wish...

The quality is quite naff (and the length of the video is short) 'cause I don't want to kill my internet connection over it! The stange lines on the image just after sunset are the reflection of the blinds in the office - I should make a hood for the camera at somepoint I guess.

The sunrises and clouds are quite funky, don't you think?

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