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November 20, 2005

Sleeping on the sofa...

Doh! Last night I went to brush my teeth... and when I came back to my room it was locked! This somewhat puzzled me as I couldn't work out how it had locked from the inside. I guessed the catch must have dropped around or something... Chris was in bed so I didn't really want to wake him to ask if he had the key (I've never had the key for the lock as I've never had a cause to use it)

I tried to pick the lock and got nowhere... so I climbed into the loft and surfed the web on the server to try and find a nice easy 'HOW-TO'... I decided that there was a time and a place for learning how to pick locks and this wasn't one of them...

So, yeah I ended up sleeping on the sofa.

When I heard Chris arise I went and told him the news... he couldn't find the key :-( But as we had a test case lock on his bedroom door we found that it was possible to 'card' it - and this also lead us to find how I'd locked myself out... if you shut the door with the lock thing locked, it'll lock the door! MIghty annoying... I've now checked and you can do the same with the bathroom door... which doesn't have a key on the outside - I'm suprised this hasn't happend before!

Oh well... at least I know it's possible to card it if I do it again!

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